Vetreria San Giuseppe: almost forty years in the glass industry!
The early Seventies were the years of invention and entrepreneurial courage: elements that made northeast Italy a hotbed of companies and professional services. It was in this period, 1973 to be precise, that four intuitive friends established what would be the very first glass production workshop for the lighting industry, completing semi-industrial commissions but using an entirely manual process. And it was thanks to the strength and tenacity of those original four that their experience became a working philosophy. With time, each took a different path, but the Vetreria San Giuseppe (named in honour of the village patron saint) continued to grow, improve and adapt to the demands of its clients and the market.
What started as a simple artisanal workshop is today a company that believes in its roots and local area and is propelling itself towards the future. The complete range of services offered by the Vetreria San Giuseppe makes it a valid partner for its clients:

- Design of prototypes from simple sketches, CAD or ideas;
- Choice of raw materials (all top quality and certified);
- Work on molten glass using moulds for lighting and furnishings in general;
- Work on post-tempered glass;
- Delivery.

All these have enabled the company to establish itself and become a leading figure on the market, thanks to the constant provision of new services and above all the continuity shown in the manual skill and craftsmanship that have made its name over the years.

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